Powder Form
Broad-spectrum and multi-purpose for use.
Peroxygen system works, tap water diluted with available. Critical area disinfection can be used for the application during and after the human health, not harm.
All surface, ground, air disinfection and laboratories, in intensive care units, dialysis centers, autoclave sent to the unused or emergency operations tools and equipment disinfection available.
Soon the effective disinfection and sterilization provides. Spray surface disinfectant used as is. the solution of our own in the activity measuring ability is.
High-level disinfection provides all known micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, (TB included) fungi, molds, and sports) is effective. Diluted disinfectants, equipment, or equipment, organic pollution that causes body fluid waste (blood, vomit, urine, etc.) by solving the pre-cleaning makes.
Once ready to use stable and remains active for at least 7 days.
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